How do I prepare my home for sale?

When preparing a home for sale, how much work should you do to present the property to its fullest potential?

Here in Far North Queensland the weather can wreak havoc on a home over the years and sometimes the list of things to do can seem pretty huge. Even if you have thousands of dollars available to prepare your home for sale, where do you spend it first? And will you get that money back afterwards?

These questions can always be difficult to answer but when faced with a mountain of jobs all demanding our attention, we’ve listed what we think are the 3 primary areas to focus on.

  1. Cleanliness – For most people it’s obvious, but giving the property a good clean, inside and out, will make it appear more likable and more livable.

  2. De-Clutter - Clear away any clutter to open up living spaces. One person’s 40 year teaspoon collection is another person’s messy clutter.

  3. Fix it NOW – Remember that light globe you were going to replace or that doorknob you never got around to fixing? Just like a used car, a property that appears well-cared for is more valuable than one that has been run down.


By focusing first on these items, you’ll be sure to present a warm and inviting home for buyers to consider.